New days are strange, is the world insane?

Last Saturday night around 9pm my flat-mate was held at gunpoint by two guys ( she said they seem like they are in their early 20’s). She said she was just about to take off when two guys appeared, n told her to get out of the car, and she said no. The other guy pointed a gun at her, she said she slowly pulled out her car keys and put them in her bra and told them that they are not taking her car. The other guy got angry, pulled her out of the car and tried to get the keys, she resisted, they other guy hit her with a gun in the head n she fought back, she screamed n people came out of their flats, but no one helped her, they just stood there and watched as two guys beat up a 6 month pregnant woman. The guys were angry coz she was resisting to give them the keys, they beat her up repeatedly, one guy kept hitting her hard in the head, she said she could feel her skull cracking n the other kicked her repeatedly in the stomach…….. I guess they thought that will make her give up her keys but it didn’t work, she kept fighting back………when the guys finally realized that they will not get the keys,they took her cellphone and ran. And suddenly people started offering help.

The guys didn’t get the car, but they left her with bruises, broken ribs, bald head, as the nurses had to shave her head in order to stitch her up. Thank god the baby is okay….I guess she is just as strong as her mama, a true warrior of life.

This is such a tragic story, I struggle to understand the thought processes of a man who beats up his woman, let alone that of two guys who beat up a heavily pregnant woman, what has this world turned into? ‪#‎sigh‬

I also don’t understand the people who just stood there and watched, some even had time to take videos, instead of calling the police ‪#‎sad‬ for days



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